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EMDR therapy comprehensively identifies and addresses traumatic experiences that have overwhelmed the brain’s natural coping capacity, resulting in traumatic symptoms like flashbacks and chronic anxiety or harmful coping strategies like self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, or food.

Treatment with EMDR therapy has the ability to heal people who are suffering from all types of trauma. It can also be effectively used to treat multiple conditions such as eating disorders, panic attacks, phobias, performance anxiety, complicated grief, self-esteem issues, addictions, relationship problems, sexual and/or physical abuse, and depression, just to name a few.

EMDR has the potential to make good psychotherapy transformative. EMDR activates our innate healing mechanisms and optimizes our capacity to change how memory is encoded in the brain. EMDR facilitates a process of understanding our life experiences from a new perspective and common distortions, often rooted in childhood trauma, that plague adult survivors are resolved.

For more information, go to, Shapiro’s describes EMDR therapy in a 2-hour webinar/video

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